Jessica Mallegol has only gone under a few aliases over the years; Imalune, JessHolysAngel, Reinangelus, and Imaginary are the only names she has used. Since she was a child, Jessica has been in love with designing characters and places that span from purely fictional to realistic. In 2014, Jessica graduated from the University of Advancing Technology for Game Art and Animation. She had also studied Game Design while at the University, however, she did not complete said degree. Her entire life has been spent feeling different kinds of art ranging from 2D and 3D game art to textiles and stamp making. The digital path that Jessica decided to follow started with editing 3D Miku Hatsune models for use in the program MikuMikuDance and from there, she has kept up with the 3D modelling path.





I spent a few years editing already made models and making them into my own creations (with permission). I also learned animation and posing techniques.



I spent some time while model editing releasing some textures for free for people to use. Most of these textures were eye textures that I made using photoshop CS5.

Texture Releases



More recently, I had created a utility application using a game engine in Flash. This utility helps people understand Pokemon Breeding in Pokemon X and Y.

Breeding Guide